Dating Russian Women Means Following Well-Established Rules

Dating Russian Women Means Following Well-Established Rules

Let me guess, you are here for a piece of advice on where to start while dating a Russian woman. Russian brides are like a breath of fresh air for some men. Most western women are more concentrated on the professional future, self-education, and career development. Russian women for marriage are among those who fancy having a stable, family-oriented relationship with a man able to be a breadwinner, and a promising father. It does not mean that they ignore education and professional improvement. It means that family is as important for them as a career.

Online dating is one of the most reasonable choices a single man can make. It’s safe and very convenient. Online interaction is deprived of the emotional thing, and even if you are an extremely reserved man, you’ll still find the courage to start another conversation. You don’t have to see anyone face-to-face unless you want it. We’ve got defense mechanisms partially controlling our psychological and emotional reactions to strangers. This way our brain protects us from potentially dangerous people for our families. But online interaction is beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • You can always check whether the person you’re talking to is real or not;
  • You can entrust your fate in the hands of professional online matchmakers and popular dating platforms;
  • You can stay reassured that no one will use your data against your will.

Are you ready for a ride? Well, it’s time to learn more about the keys to a Russian woman’s heart.

Russian Women for Marriage: Nuts & Bolts

The best characteristic of Russian women is their simplicity in many cases. They would rather speak about their aims and needs than waste time on senseless conversations about films and music. Russian women going online are more concentrated on their goals. They ask questions about their potential partners’ education and career to get what they are going to be in the future. They dig deeper to learn whether you have something in common to become friends and later, turn this relationship into a long-lasting romance.

The language barrier shouldn’t scare you. In modern Russia, as well as in the other Slavic countries, languages have become highly popular. Fluent English helps educated Russian women get relevant information from the media and interact with potential business partners.

Don’t Overthink It

Thinking too much will only develop greater worries and spoil the first impression. Of course, getting on a first date with a woman you fancy can provoke numerous awkward situations, but you should be prepared for them and not scared of them. Unfortunately, men often get seriously disappointed with a first date, a lot more than women do. Nevertheless, every experience should be considered positive. The more dates you have, the better communication skills you gain.

Here are the first rules to follow in the process of conversation:

  • No politics and religious conversations on your first date;
  • If your knowledge of Russian or any other language is poor, don’t try to speak it with your Russian interlocutor – a simple greeting or “thank you” will be enough;
  • Make sure you’re neat and well-groomed – your nails and hair should be clean, as well as your breath.

Make It Plain & Straightforward

If it’s the first time you’re talking to each other in real life, accept the following:

  • Introduce yourself politely. Come up to her and shake her hand or give her a light peck on the cheek if the situation permits. You can kiss her hand if you are afraid of making her feel confused.
  • Remember that you are a Western man, and your name can be hard for her to pronounce, especially if it’s something peculiar. Present yourself shortly, so that she wouldn’t have to concentrate on keeping your name in mind.
  • Ask her if she’s hungry and what kind of food she would like to eat. Of course, you’d better ask about it beforehand, while chatting on social networks or messengers. Nevertheless, if it’s a date that you haven’t planned, ask about the cuisine preferences of your partner. This way you’ll show respect to her needs, which is a good foundation for a relationship.
  • Be nice. Stay a gentleman in all situations. No, you don’t have to ride a white horse or recite your favorite poetry. Russian women are fond of tiny gestures of courtesy, like helping her to get dressed in the cloakroom, or moving the chair so that she could sit down at a restaurant table.

Don’t make anything complicated out of your first date with a Russian woman. Make a shortlist of things you should do: look nice, behave politely, ask the right questions, and learn more about things you have in common. Yep, don’t forget about tiny presents that she can keep to herself so that she could remember about you more often. Flowers, wine, candies, cute souvenirs from your birthplace, or anything like this will do.

Highlight Your Intentions

You should clearly articulate what you expect from your potential partner. This way you’ll save your time and her time as well. Russian brides are very purposeful. They seek confidence, prudence, and stubbornness in men. They want them to be adventurous and decisive. They are not against excessive masculinity or an absolute absence of it. Besides, they don’t care much about the handsome physique.

If a Russian woman keeps a man in the friend zone, it’s most probably because she’s waiting for him to reveal his intentions. She doesn’t want to date anyone just because. She wants someone purposeful and reasonable in his judgments.

Choose the Best Time Approach a Russian Woman in 2021

If a meaningful relationship is your choice, you should pick out the right moment to start a conversation with your potential partner. It’s not hard to find someone for a one-night stand, but getting a partner ready for a long-term relationship depends on many points. That’s where online interaction comes in handy.

The best feature of online interaction is distance. Distance gives you the time to know each other better without being involved in physical and sexual chemistry. A woman from the internet might be evenly appealing in the picture and real life, but you never know how appealing her character is. Of course, lack of physical interaction and life conversations causes misunderstanding at times. But it’s still better than risky dates with strangers in real life.

Don’t postpone your first date for too long. As soon as you understand you have something in common, feel free to invite your interlocutor for a date. There’s no need to wait for months – a couple of week’s communication is enough. If it’s about long-distance communication, you’ll probably need some time to arrange the journey and the date itself. That’s where online dating agencies come in handy.

Russian Brides in 2021: Romantic Gestures for Her

A Russian woman wants someone generous and giving by her side. She wants her man to be caring and ready to face problems. She also wants him to be attentive to kids and pets. Russian women prefer well-established men who have enough money to pay for their needs and not to depend on anyone.

Of course, you should avoid those who demonstrate interested in your wealth and regular monthly income. It’s ok if a woman asks a couple of questions about your wages, but if she turns the conversation back to the financial issues too often, try to ignore her because she is likely to be a lazy, indecent woman who wants a man to pay for every single craving of hers.

The following tactics will help you find a decent Russian woman and avoid disappointment:

  • Make her understand you are going to respect her family members whoever they are because her genealogy is out of your business;
  • Try not to share your negative impressions from her country and its citizens;
  • Don’t discuss the history of Russia if you don’t know much about it;
  • If you are interested in some of the countries’ peculiarities, feel free to ask about anything you want, but don’t make these conversations too long;
  • A tiny, memorable present will regularly remind you about your presence even if you are far away from each other;
  • Ask her about her plans and tell her about how you see your future – this way you’ll understand whether you have any mutual strivings or not;
  • Tiny courtesy gestures are obligatory – help her get in the taxi, fix a hair strand, shake off the dust of snow from her shoulders, and always act like a gentleman.

Russian women are not significantly different from any other single women looking for happiness and emotional satisfaction in a relationship. It’s just that their past makes them more traditional. They are superstitious and religious. They have a strong connection to the family roots and deeply respect the experience of their older relatives. They aim at becoming exemplary mothers and eligible wives. They are very competitive when they are in a decent society of knowledgeable and mentally strong people. Every Russian woman is strong enough to break the wall, but she still needs a partner ready to protect her and her family. It should be a man with a kind nature and strong psychology.

Dating Russian Women in 2021: Shortlisted

The main tips on dating a Russian woman in 2021 shortly sound like this:

  • Be neat and likable;
  • Don’t talk politics or religion;
  • Don’t reject tasting Russian cuisine;
  • Never criticize her family members or her country’s history;
  • Don’t demonstrate wealth and never try to charm your lady with expensive presents.

Russian girls and senior women going online are very beneficial for single men of Europe and the USA due to the following reasons:

  • They understand what a united family is and always ready to give a helping hand to any family member;
  • They respect their in-laws, and even if they don’t like them, they will never show it due to the respect to their partner;
  • They devote themselves to the household chores and never let anyone participate in it because they don’t want anyone to touch things within their living spaces;
  • They give everything they have physically and emotionally while raising the kids.

The main virtues for a woman from Russia are comfortable living space, emotional connection, and motherhood.

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