Do Not Despair If Your First Date Fails

First dates may feel awkward. If you meet online, this is your real-life interaction with the potential soulmate. Too many things may go wrong, especially when you are inexperienced or the person looks nothing like their profile picture. It is a social occasion, and things do not always go as planned. You may feel awkward or shy. The other person may bore you to death. Whatever happens, do not take it to heart. After all, you are not obliged to see this person again if you would rather forget about the whole experience. Here are some strategie to help you survive a disastrous date. Follow these guidelines to feel more comfortable and still enjoy the evening.

Get Ready

Before and during your date, think about your mindset as well as appearance. The most stunning outfit may not suffice to boost your self-confidence. Analyze your emotional state and what thoughts you should ignore to feel better.

Imagine a boring candidate whines about their lousy boss. Let them vent the anger and show you understand. Find something good in the circumstances. Rather than getting annoyed, you could focus on savouring the wine in your glass or the ambience of the place.

Act Friendly no Matter What

Apply the typical “yes, but…” strategy. No matter what views your date expresses, start by acknowledging this opinion. Say “This is very interesting, but what would you say about a different point of view?’ That is, if you are really interested in the dialogue.

No conflict of opinions should get hostile. Be diplomatic and refrain from accusations. Nobody likes being proved wrong, even if they are. Besides, if you will not see this person again, why exacerbate the tension? If you are spending the evening in a fancy restaurant, just agree with whatever they say and enjoy your meal and the atmosphere.

Be an Active Listener

Show some interest in what the other person is saying. Ask follow-up questions to help them develop their story, even if it is dull. Everybody loves talking about themself, and will appreciate active listening. Besides, you will not have to contribute much to the conversation. Think of talk show hosts who can speak to anybody. Avoid questions that only require a yes/no response. Instead, ask for details – how, why, when, or where something happened. With active listening from your side, the other party may end up doing all the talking and enjoying it.

In Conclusion

Like improvisation comedy, the events on a first date may unfold in a totally unpredictable way. It is not your duty to foresee every petty detail, and this is simply impossible. Be relaxed and take nothing to heart. There are no mistakes here. Treat a failed date as a learning experience. Most importantly, you will never see this individual again, so why bother? Act friendly and do what feels right for you.

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