Common Mistakes Foreigners Do When Meeting Russian Girls

Russian brides can become a really cool wife. They are famous for a sincere soul and wild sexuality. However, these females need the right approach. No illusions, only a right strategy! So what are widespread gaps men from overseas do when they meet beauties from Russia?

  1. To save money and do not present expensive gifts. Local females like flowers and gifts. And not modest clothes, but jewelry, perfumes, silk lingerie, quality chocolate, and wine. Of course, there are rich and generous men among Europeans, (but they are hunted by hundreds of top models and young chicks, actresses and singers from all over the world. But if you are not Silvio Berlusconi or prince, just be generous.
  2. Not passionate lovers. Cross the line! Prove that not only Italian men are excellent in making love. German, Americans, and the Englishmen etc.  Should not be in bed boring and monotonous. Don’t talk a lot in the process and fuss, but show your male energy and power.
  3. No hurry to tie a knot. Foreign males take care of themselves, fearing to settle down and spend the best years of one woman. They want to travel, have a fun, and earn money. And only when they feel the deterioration of health and appearance, then they decide to find a wife. But this country is under the strong Orthodox influence with strict family values and no sex before church marriage.
  4. Cheating. Some people don’t communicate clearly their purposes. For example, a lonely Australian farmer who breeds ostriches in a place far from civilization is not seeking a love of his life. He, of course, needs somebody to live with… and work together. Or a retired Spanish architect whose children are older than some Russian brides. He still works and has some money. But girls hardly want to become a nurse, cooking and sleeping with someone whose attractiveness has faded even in photographs.
  5. Very sincere and direct. Maybe this is really a benefit because local men think one thing, say another and do the third. Many foreigners are not familiar with this “seduction technique,” so they say and do what they think. In this sense, it is easy for females to deal with them, but it is difficult for them with the ladies who are used to the confrontation and passionate quarrels.

Conclusion: Perhaps this is not the ultimate truth. But still, you should be careful. In fact, in the mentality of these people, men who speak other languages are special. It is better to be more creative and just allow yourself to get acquainted and communicate with different types of fiancées. Find a special one with whom you will fall in love and it will be possible to build strong and harmonious relations. But learning at least some Russian just in case is the right decision.

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